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Black Olive Media - The Back Story


We are a team of talented producers, writers, directors, designers and project managers deliver creativity on time and on budget. From start to finish, concept to completion.

Who are these guys anyway? Well..the founder, Jason Van Sickel, got his start as an apprectice ice sculptor and traditionally trained artist (pen&ink, pencil, water color, special fx make-up, sculpting and anything else I could get my hands on in the film industry). The other principal, a United States Marine Corp veteran who happens to be a 3D StudioMAX guru, gaffer, camera DP, extreme editor and highy trained COLORIST, brings INVALUABLE eperience to our business. And, even the youngest Emmy winner in Texas is part of this crew - Kyle Montgomery. Multi-faceted, multi-talented and extremely motivated.We will watch his career with interest and hope to ride his coat tails to the oscars :).

Begining in 2001 I start BOM, right in time for the internet bubble to pop. Even though many new start-up business faltered, we remained. Black Olive Media has conducted business via word-of-mouth and referral only. Our product and reputation for being comitted to our clients has kept us in business. Our first big gig was Yale University's Tercentennial Event - mega show, graphics, 3D, celebrities, FBI and a whoe lot more. It was a standing ovation success.

We attract great talent. We attract great unique clients. And we constanty share our knowledge and expereince with those around us. We contantly reach out to new and young talent for internships and mentoring. A philosphy I learned early on is that knowledge should be free. I was given tools and experience without expectation of restitution. I repay that philosophy back to everyone I work with; young, old, new to the industry or not. I also learn as much as I can to continue my skill set and create a value beyaind expectation.

Our growth has been fueled by our sense of customer service, trust and support. Our industry peer relationships are shining examples of teamwork, commitment and solid business practices.img









We are not t-shirt & torn jean, back-yard hooligan Hipsters who think they are film-makers. We have cut our teeth with the finest clients in the world. Black Olive Media has been working with a variety of clients. Our growth has been fueled by our sense of customer service, trust and support. Our industry peer relationships are shining examples of teamwork, commitment and solid business practices. Number one, upfront, most practiced is that we treat our clients like we would like to be treated. PERIOD. ALL OF OUR BUSINESS HAS BEEN REFERRAL OR WORD-OF-MOUTH...literally. No advertising, no sales calls (we tried and we sucked...we're creative folks, not sales).

Client Testimonials.

img “I've known Mr. Van Sickel and Black Olive Media for more than a decade and never hesitate to refer him business.”

Mitch Lurie, owner – The Leather Sofa Co.

img “The epitome of strong moral business ethics.But...he smells like the 1980's Polo cologne???”

Ray Valadez – Award Winning Director

Recent Posts:

» BOM completes international roll-out of new iPhone game app trailer for Zynga: creator for Words With Friends & more.

» BOM & the Society of American Magaicians negotiationg for epic 10-part documentary

» BOM says, "keep it secret...keep it safe." Currently negotiating a feature film opportunity that will lead to the silver screens. More to come!


Looking For:

Scripts submissions for trailer video production. We have now opened new doorways for low, middle and high end production.


Next workshop will cover using varying densities of liquid to create memserizing particles, flowing colors, and other ideas for use in film making.

KEEP THE CAMERA MOVING.                 This advanced workshop will break down dialog scenes, blocking, and how to keep visual interest by moving the camera in the scene.


Studios                                                 1865 Summit Avenue Ste. 605        Plano, TX 75074      

Jason Van Sickel, Producer


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