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Direct Response Video Production

In direct marketing (such as telemarketing), there is no intermediary broadcast media involved. In direct-response marketing, marketers use broadcast media to get customers to contact them directly. It is direct-response marketing because the communications from the customer to the marketer are direct, this differentiates it from simple direct marketing in which the communications from the marketer to the customer are direct, but do not allow for instant feedback.

Like direct marketing, direct-response marketing seeks to elicit action. It is inherently accountable since results can be tracked and measured. Furthermore, direct-response campaigns perform best if the underlying strategies and tactics are highly competitive.

Principles & Techniques

Direct-response ads like infomercials can be contrasted with normal television commercials because traditional commercials normally do not solicit a direct immediate response from the viewer, but instead try to brand their product in the market place.

Improving the appeal and uniqueness of an offer is a first step for improving response. An offer must be targeted such that its appeal is relevant to the wants or needs of the audience, so the choice of media or list carries similar importance as the perceived value of the offer. In case of an unsuccessful DRTV campaign, it is easy to adjust parameters such as price point or sales pitches to improve sales. It is assumed that only one in every ten infomercial actually makes money for the DRTV Company.


Direct Response Clients:

MicroTrak GPS

The Cross of Jerusalem

Credit Counsel of America

Mia Hamm's Soccer Secrets

Micro Clear Protectants

Mechanic's Time Savers

Sport Cookie

The American Spectator

The National Review

Pet Ecology Brands

Scoop Lite

K9 Fat Free Treats

The Passage Bible Game

Guardian 911


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Scripts submissions for trailer video production. We have now opened new doorways for low, middle and high end production.


Next workshop will cover using varying densities of liquid to create memserizing particles, flowing colors, and other ideas for use in film making.

KEEP THE CAMERA MOVING.                 This advanced workshop will break down dialog scenes, blocking, and how to keep visual interest by moving the camera in the scene.


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