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Indiustrial Video Production

An industrial video is a video that targets “industry” as its primary audience. An industrial video is a type of sponsored film (such as an educational film), which prioritizes pragmatism over artistic value. While the primary purpose of an educational film is to inform an audience, the purpose of an industrial video can vary depending on the client.

Like all filmmaking, industrial videos go through the stages of development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. During the development stage, a sponsor chooses a video production company that they believe can best meet their needs. Producers of industrial videos can hire technical writers. These technical writers attempt to translate difficult technical information from "subject matter experts" into a script that is more understandable to a general audience. Alternatively, other industrial video production companies target a specialized niche where the producer, director or writer already have expertise. Once a production company is contracted, the project enters pre-production, when the script is written, talent is hired, and materials are obtained.

These individual elements are used during production, when a video camera records the talent and audio is captured by a microphone. During post-production, the footage from the production phase is assembled into a coherent whole. Finally, the final product is distributed and exhibited. If the project was a training video, the video may be included with the product, so the buyer can learn to use it most effectively. If the project was a marketing video, it may be directly mailed to potential clients to encourage them to buy the product. Or if the product was designed for exhibition, it may be shown at a trade fair. The use of industrial videos for corporate use has been increasing, suggesting that industrial videos will continue to be produced in the future.


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Open Roads Connsulting

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Scripts submissions for trailer video production. We have now opened new doorways for low, middle and high end production.


Next workshop will cover using varying densities of liquid to create memserizing particles, flowing colors, and other ideas for use in film making.

KEEP THE CAMERA MOVING.                 This advanced workshop will break down dialog scenes, blocking, and how to keep visual interest by moving the camera in the scene.


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